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Eventually I'll See It All
These rain-wetted walls
And fogged-over windows
Only tell me I'm taking too much time.
Any longer and I'll never leave.
I've seen the sights,
Pictures and films.
I've seen the faces,
Photographs and drawing.
But the sunset still eludes me.  
The trees and their bounty
Are just that, a treasure.  Hidden,
From I and the world.
At least moreso from I.
I awake with urges to see the buildings
That make the cities where people live,
And where things get done. Because nothing
Gets done here.
I sleep and set eyes on the Seine,
And work just to get the chance to.
I dream and climb the wall of China.
And die to see it all.
:iconskueaks:skueaks 4 5
is that the sound of love? by nekofoot is that the sound of love? :iconnekofoot:nekofoot 45 22 attacking the eiffel tower by trumpfass attacking the eiffel tower :icontrumpfass:trumpfass 11 47
The 8-Track
It's watching us
while it runs
in cycles
It's an observer
watching over
with total control
of the assembly line
With one big glass eye
I get the feeling
it's watching over
all of us
It's here to stay
to make sure
we do our best
to make all the little parts
into one big great one
and while,
it's not all that fun
I'm doing it to survive
with no plan in sight
the mood is pretty jive
but I’m just learning to study it
I'm just standing here
working with no choice
I have to watch it
I observe the observer
it doesn’t take breaks
it never lets me
make any mistakes
so don't make a move
don't bat an eye
for your own sake
cause if you try to break its stare
it will turn
it will take you somewhere
so if you think you’re strong
if you don't really care
go ahead
but if you’re smart
see what I see
observe the observer
that’s the key
and if your eyes wander
just promise
not to look at me
humanity it would seem
:icondaedalus93:Daedalus93 1 6
Elevation by sofree Elevation :iconsofree:sofree 5 46 portrait number 7 by vcrimson portrait number 7 :iconvcrimson:vcrimson 54 115


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has too much cereal.
Current Residence: Sweet home, Chicago.
Personal Quote: Cats are renowned for just disappearing when they're ailing. And then they're just gone.


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So, like, umm.. hi :B
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Hello there. Flirtatious 
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How's life treating you?
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It's been good! No time for dicking around with art, but I make time to lurk here every now and then. :aww:

How goes it with you?
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Happy birthday boy!
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